February 18, 2018


LCD TV Deals is the place for you to learn about the LCD TV technology and determine which is the best LCD TV to buy for you and your environment. While price is obviously an important consideration, it should not be the only factor involved in your decision-making process.lcd tv deals

In 2007, LCD TV sales surpassed that of the standard CRT televisions. It has also more than double the sales of Plasma panels. The good news for consumers is the prices are plummeting due to stabilization of the technology and fierce competition. In addition, consumer demand has dropped slightly forcing retailers to offer promotions and lcd tv deals to move the HDTV Televisions.

LCD known as Liquid Crystal Display uses Liquid Crystal technology to product images on the screen or panel. In its simplest explanation, LCD television sets generate a black and colored image by uniquely filtering a white light. The light is supplied by a number of cold cathode fluorescent lamps known as CCFLs. These CCFLs are at the rear of the panel. Some newer displays will utilize use white or colored Light Emitting Diodes (LED) instead. If you want more information on the differences between LCD and Plasma, visit Plasma vs LCD on this LCD TV Deals site.

Currently, many tv aficionados consider the Samsung LCD TV and the Sony LCD TV as the best on the market. Samsung currently manufactures TV panels in size from 19″ – 60″. Their newer panels incorporate the newest technology in LED Backlighting including EDGE LED and Local Dimming that range in size from 32″-65″ and use 3D technology. Some of these high-end sets costs upward of $5,000 but many LCD TV Deals are conveniently priced around $500. The newer the panel and the newer the technology, the higher the price point will be.

Sony offers the impressive Sony Bravia lineup which offers LCD TV’s in high-definition and 3D. Their 60″ Sony Bravia 3D LED panel will cost around $4,500 and offers an incredible display using the EDGE LED backlight and the Bravia engine with 240Hz Motionflow.

When searching for LCD TV deals, you first need to consider the primary viewing distance between the LCD TV and the television viewer. You do not want to be sitting 10 feet from a 30 inch set as it will appear too small. On the other hand, you don’t want to be sitting 5 feet from a 60 inch monster. If you sit too close, you may be able to see the individual pixels that make up the screen which will detract from the overall impact of the screen. An ideal setup would have you sitting 10 feet away from a 46-50 inch LCD panel.

Whichever you decide to purchase, ensure you have found the best priced LCD TV Deals and that you get the correct size HDTV for your living space.   Remember, the Best LCD TV to buy is the one that fits your budget and  viewing habits.

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