February 20, 2018

Sony Bravia

Sony is one of the world’s leading corporations based in Tokyo, Japan with revenues over 77 billion. It manufactures all kinds of products and is heavily involved in consumer electronics. Sony Bravia The founders are Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka. The Sony name was derived the name from Latin word “sonus” which means sound. The company started after World War II when Mr. Ibuka began a radio repair shop in a department store which was bombed during the war. He was later joined by his associate Akio Morito.

Evolution of the Sony Bravia
In the late sixties, the Sony Corp. introduced the Sony Trinitron TV’s which was a huge success. These Trinitron displays are still in production in countries like Bangladesh, China, and India. Sadly, Sony stop producing the Trinitron for US markets in 2007.

The Sony BRAVIA brand was introduced in 2005 for marketing its HDTV’s including LCD televisions, projection TV’s and the PlayStation 3. The Sony Bravia brand name replaces the “Sony Wega” brand name which Sony used for their LCD TVs until 2005. The BRAVIA name stands for “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture”

An interesting note is that LCD panels used in the Sony BRAVIA televisions are manufactured by S-LCD, a joint venture between Samsung & Sony. The Sony Bravia LCD TV is designed to produce the best viewing encounter. The BRAVIA television sets happen to be designed with the newest technologies which includes 3D. Most sets now include fill 1080p and a quick response rate due to Motionflow™ technology which produces sharp, smooth images. These advanced LED technologies allow for a spectacular picture in a very slender profile.

Another innovation is EDGE backlit LED accomplished by installing the backlight around the perimeter or edge of the screen, This allows the sets to show images that pack a punch with vibrant colors, deep blacks and bright whites.

Below are the current Sony Bravia LCD TV models

60″ BRAVIA EX500 Series HDTV KDL-60EX500
60″ BRAVIA EX700 Series HDTV KDL-60EX700
60″ BRAVIA LX900 Series 3D HDTV XBR-60LX900
60″ BRAVIA NX810 Series 3D HDTV KDL-60NX810
55″ Class (54.6″ diag.) BRAVIA EX710 KDL-55EX710
55″ Class (54.6″ diag.) BRAVIA HX800 KDL-55HX800
55″ Class (54.6″ diag.) BRAVIA KDL-NX810
52″ BRAVIA LX900 Series 3D HDTV XBR-52LX900
52″ BRAVIA XBR HX909 Series 3D HDTV XBR-52HX909
46″ BRAVIA EX400 Series HDTV KDL-46EX400
46″ BRAVIA EX710 Series HDTV KDL-46EX710
46″ BRAVIA XBR HX909 Series 3D HDTV XBR-46HX909
46″ BRAVIA HX800 Series 3D HDTV KDL-46HX800
46″ BRAVIA NX810 Series 3D HDTV
40″ BRAVIA HX800 Series 3D HDTV KDL-40HX800
32″ Class (31.5″ diag.) BRAVIA EX308 KDL-32EX308
32″ Class (31.5″ diag.) BRAVIA EX600 KDL-32EX600
32″ Class (31.5″ diag.) BRAVIA EX710 KDL-32EX710

These Sony Bravia televisions are available in retail stores and online retailers.

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